How Government Manpower Contractors Agencies Are Resourceful

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2 min readApr 19, 2022
Government Manpower Contractors Agencies

India’s workforce contains a large number of contract workers employed in government sectors. This large pool of contract workers are uniformly distributed among all segments like non skilled, semi skilled, skilled and highly skilled workers. Contract workers are employed by the organizations for various reasons.

Hiring temporary staffs or contract workers are tougher than hiring a full time staff however it is much cost effective than full time employment. In such scenarios where contract workers are required by government departments they prefer to hire through a specialized manpower agency than carrying the hiring process themselves.

Benefits of hiring through government manpower agencies

There are various reasons why the government department contract jobs hiring is processed through third party manpower agencies.

  1. Manpower agencies have large number of worker’s inventory
  2. Cost effective than direct hiring process
  3. Lesser compliance liabilities Hiring process is faster
  4. Lesser requirement of training

So it is imperative that hiring through a government manpower agency is easier for the government departments than direct hiring.

Specialized government manpower agency

Specialized government manpower agencies have big inventory of skilled as well as non skilled workforce. Based on their consistent engagement with the work force they are able to identify the lack of skills in the workforce and carry out the require skill training to better match the job requirements. Moreover, manpower agencies are also able to differentiate between a high performance worker and low performance worker. It directly add value to the productivity of the workforce on the job.

A government manpower agency works intensively to keep them on top of human resource outsourcing. It requires effort to communicate with the job seekers and provide them skill training. Hunarmand India is such government manpower agency working for the contract government jobs in various departments. Company has big pool of trainers who constantly train the human resource for government hiring. Skill training and re skill training is an important part of the company’s work area.



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